Granny Flats


Forget the idea of a small box with zero personality. We design unique granny flats built to purpose – and built to last!

A granny flat should be a valuable part of your home, not a box in the backyard! For many, it’s an extension of the family home in a space of its own. Rather than produce one-size-fits-all granny flats, Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats provide a solution to the space itself. What can we do within your area that is both compliant and creative?

Custom-design is usually associated with extra expense, but we actually provide tailored recommendations and design as part of our package. Essentially, we offer custom design at no extra cost!

We thoughtfully build with treated timber, as this material is perfect for framing, piers, bearers and joists – plus termites hate the stuff! Depending on your property, we will build on piers or a concrete slab. Both have their benefits depending on your budgets and property layout.

Our granny flats typically come with your choice of lightweight cladding, including specialised materials for homes in vulnerable bushfire zones. Most people don’t realise that by building with cladding (opposed to brick), you gain an extra 4 of floor space!

Council Regulations

Granny Flats can be up to 60m² including walls, and non-habitable buildings up to 20m² including walls.
Further restrictions apply – contact us for a professional review of what's possible in your backyard!

Greenwood HOMES: Granny Flats

Build a granny flat

The design options for your granny flat are endless. We are happy to work with you to ensure the space is shaped to your taste and budget.

Customisation options include:

  • pitched or sloping roof
  • high or raked ceilings
  • deck size
  • door and window styles
  • open-plan layout
  • 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • roofing material and colour
  • bathroom features
  • kitchen design
  • appliances
  • wardrobes
  • cladding

We choose to build with quality Australian Treated Pine timber. It’s a low maintenance material ideal for the framing, piers, bearers and joists of a granny flat and comes from renewable Australian pine resources

customised outdoor buildings

In addition to granny flats, Greenwood Homes can also construct customised solutions for outdoor areas including:

  • Backyard cabins
  • Rooms for Airbnb
  • Home offices
  • Home studios
  • Pool cabanas
  • Teenage Retreats
  • Hobby Rooms
  • Workshops

The first step is reviewing the space you have to work with – what can we do within it that is compliant and creative?

Your studio, office, hobby room, teenage retreat, or games room for the kids. Whatever reason you need additional space, the team at Greenwood Homes can design a solution to reflect your home’s style and your budget.

Custom design at no extra cost, that’s the Greenwood Homes difference.