Why Build a Granny Flat and the Best Suburbs to Build?

Archistar and CorLogic have completed an analysis based on planning controls and existing properties on individual lots which highlights the untapped development potential for granny flats across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

There are a variety of reasons a homeowner may choose to build a granny flat on their existing property.

With housing affordability remaining tough, especially for first home buyers, kids are tending to stay home longer. For some families, having the grown up kids under the same roof can be a challenge, but housing them in a self-contained unit provides more space for the family, improves privacy for everyone and helps to provide

some independence.

Other homeowners may simply be looking to supplement their revenue. With the growing popularity of short term rental sites like AirBnB as well as more traditional rental options, a granny flat could pull in an extra few hundred dollars a week of income, if not more.

Investors are always looking for ways to improve their yield, and a granny flat could provide an additional source of rental income to supplement or boost their overall yield.

Additionally, state and local governments are looking for ways to accommodate the growing population, tackle housing affordability and boost infill development close to existing infrastructure such as railways, bus routes and major road networks.

The full report can be downloaded https://developer.archistar.ai/assets/DIGITAL_CL19_Archistar_Report.pdf

The above information is taken from the report produced by Archistar and CoreLogic

ArchiStar  https://developer.archistar.ai/granny-flat

CoreLogic https://www.corelogic.com.au

Custom Built Granny Flat

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