What is a Granny Flat?

A Granny flat is a self-contained extension of the family home that:

(a) is established in conjunction with a house and is either within the house, or attached to the house, or separate from the house; and

(b) is on the same lot of land as the principal house and is not on a separate lot, in a strata plan or in a community title scheme.

What are the requirements for a granny flat?

Chalet Style Granny Flat

Greenwood Homes Chalet Style Granny Flat

Granny flats are now permitted in all residential zones across the State, subject to meeting the following requirements:

• There is only one house and one granny flat on the lot

• The combined total floor area of the house and the granny flat complies with the floor space area controls in the local environment plan

• The maximum floor area of the granny flat is no greater than:

– 60 square metres; OR

– The maximum floor area prescribed by the council in the local environmental plan

• The lot is not subdivided

• The granny flat meets planning controls such as building height and setbacks, floor space ratios, and open space in the local environmental plan and/or the complying development provisions in the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP.

• The granny flat meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. There are no requirements under the policy to provide any additional parking for the granny flat. A granny flat may occur either with DA consent, or as complying development, as outlined on the last page.


For a complete guide on the requirements of building a Granny Flat click here for a NSW State Government Fact Sheet or contact us directly on 1300 622 989.

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