We are now Greensmart Professional Qualified!



We are proud to announce that this week we completed our training to be come a GreenSmart Professional accredited builder after completing the training through HIA.

What this means is that we are now able to assist our clients in not only building their granny flat or new home but also designing and building a dwelling that is energy efficient and gentle on the environment.

As a custom or bespoke builder this really allows us to set ourselves apart to service those customers who don’t want a regular run of the mill house or granny flat.

We are passionate about designing and building unique homes that not only meet the clients needs and desires but are also energy efficient and involve minimal cost to run.

We can design you a house or granny flat that will not only look stunning, but be cost efficient to run. One of the many ways we can achieve this is by considering the orientation of your home to the sun, types of building materials and windows, shading of openings and the products used. All are an important factor which when determining the design of your building.



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