Sydney’s Housing Market and Granny Flats

In 2009, New South Wales streamlined the process of applying for a permit to build a second habitable accommodation. Since then, many backyards have begun to host extra rooms and garden studios, all across Sydney, and throughout New South Wales. Granny flats have taken the state by storm.

When a real estate market is as strong as ours, housing will inevitably run in to shortages. There are simply too few houses to go around, speculation from investors drives prices still higher, and building new capacity takes time.

However, this reality has become an opportunity. Granny flats are ideal methods for locals to house some citizens in need. For a monthly rent figure, you can use your granny flat as a rental property.

With every amenity made available in our units, including plumbing hook-ups and power, you can make your Sydney backyard extra room its own living space for whomever is in need of low-cost housing. Our self-contained units are very manageable, and can easily be used to supplement your income. Many homeowners have paid off the principal cost of their garden studio in a matter of months – the real estate market is that hot.

It pays to look closely at the demographic that you would prefer to attract. Many different people are in need of housing in the city today, including tradies, university students, and even young professionals, who are intent on creating savings towards their own housing investment through the use of lower-cost alternatives. But each requires their own specific amenity, style of flat, and location.

At Greenwood Homes, we can build you the ideal backyard room or garden studio, so you too can join in the Sydney housing frenzy. Contact us today!

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