InsideOut Underdeck Protection

InsideOut® is a specially designed and pre-engineered ceiling system that transforms the unsightliness of the underside of your deck into a desirable and usable outdoor living area all year round. InsideOut® panels channel water away from your home even during the harshest summer rain storm or winter snowfall.

InsideOut Underdeck Protection


Made from a recycled and recyclable titanium balanced aluminium alloy to provide uncompromised strength and resistance, to the harshest of elements.

Is it just for homes?

No, InsideOut is the perfect solution for both home and commercial solutions when waterproofing under a deck. It can be used as a ceiling on all types of applications inside and outside.


Now you have a product which will save money when requiring waterproofing under decks and balconies with no maintenance or painting. It looks smart and can be used inside or outside.

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