Granny Flat, Deluxe Cabin with Treated Pine Cladding, Allambie, NSW Australia
Granny Flat, Deluxe Cabin, Collaroy NSW Australia
Granny Flat, Prestige Cabin, Galston, NSW Australia
Granny Flat, Deluxe Cabin, Mona Vale, NSW Australia

Generate an Income from Your Backyard or Create more Living Space

If you need more space for family, friends, work or hobbies, Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats are an ideal solution.

Whether you are looking to create extra living space or are looking to generate an income from your backyard, Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats have a design to suit you. With recent changes to NSW planning laws, assuming you meet the complying development code, you won’t even have to go through your local council for approval.

Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats have over 15 years experience in designing, supplying and building Granny Flats. We work with you to ensure you get the style and budget which will best suit your needs. You can make any style of Cabins your own by choosing the layout, placement of doors and windows, cladding material, verandah size and internal fittings.

Our very popular “Cabin Range” is a classic design with high ceilings and a colonial/federation look and feel.

Choose from a large open plan space, or design a layout with 1 or 2 bedrooms depending on the space you have available. Bathrooms can be added to each Cabin, along with a kitchen if desired.

Greenwood Homes Cabins are a very affordable way of generating extra income from your backyard or adding value to your existing home.

All of our Cabins are built on piers, making them much more versatile, which removes the expensive cost of excavating and pouring concrete slabs. Whether you select a one or two bedroom floor plan, all Cabins include a gabled pitched roof, high ceilings and a front deck, in addition to the internal living area.

The framing, piers, bearers and joists are constructed from treated timber for termite-resistance and longevity.

Greenwood Homes provide the following Granny Flat options for you to consider:


The Base package is for those who like to “do it themselves”. We supply and install the Granny Flat to lock up stage, from there you can take full control. You then purchase your own kitchen and bathroom and employ your own tradespeople to complete the internal fitout.

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The Deluxe package is an affordable option if you are looking for the complete Granny Flat. It is well suited to those who are building a Granny Flat for an investment. The “Deluxe” has everything needed for a tenant or family to be comfortable, whilst ensuring a healthy return on your investment.

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The Prestige package is for those who want a superior quality Granny Flat. Whether it is for your family or yourself, you appreciate the best. This complete package gives you an upgraded kitchen, floating timber floors, upgraded bathroom, texture coated cladding to the outside and so much more.

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    > STUDIO



    Greenwood Homes:


    Have over 35 years experience in construction


    Built with home warranty insurance: 6 yrs structural defects, 2 yrs non-structural defects for your protection


    Build all Cabins from 100% treated timber for termite-resistance


    Only use quality materials, sourced from reliable manufacturers


    Offer complete flexibility in size and design (in increments of 600 mm)


    Are an Australian owned and run, Family Business


    Take pride in their customer service, craftsmanship and professionalism


    Will Donald, Manly Vale

    We chose Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats because of the range of designs and the flexibility that they offered with the floor plan and overall construction of the Granny Flat. Another deciding factor for us was that they are built from treated timber which on the Northern Beaches is quite important. Everyone from Greenwood Homes was great throughout the whole […]
    Pat Keogh, Allambie Heights

    After reviewing the various Granny Flat products on the market we decided to choose Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats as we really liked the flexibility that they offered with the style and the layout of the Granny Flat. This gave us confidence in knowing that the Granny Flat was going to meet our requirements and […]
    James Marshall, Galston

    We wish to thank Greenwood Homes for the design and construction of the building. We were impressed with the design of the studio from the start as we wanted a generous area that lent itself to a variety of uses but was simple and practical. The completed result certainly delivers a light airy space which […]
    Paul and Barabara Morris, Katoomba

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